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Founded by Samuel Foltz in 2017, bookSmarts Education was created as a sister company of Foltz & Associates CPA. After providing financial advising to local individuals and businesses, many clients had questions regarding the software the firm employed, Quickbooks® Online. As a college professor at Germanna Community College, Samuel saw an opportunity to educate clients as an actual Certified Public Accountant that uses the software daily.

One year later and bookSmarts has held numerous face-to-face courses in small group environments, enhancing careers and preparing individuals to enter the workforce. Working together with the Intuit, bookSmarts became the only Intuit-verified company that hosts webinar courses for Quickbooks®  Online. 

Our goal is to educate clients with a personalized approach: 

establishing communication where questions are encouraged and building a platform where individuals can find answers. We promote informed financial decisions and view education as stepping stones for a prosperous future.


All Certified Public Accountants and with an education background, our team has been specifically trained to teach Quickbooks® Online course in 4-hours.

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